Do’s and Don’ts of Feng Shui

Posted on September 13, 2020 at 7:57 pm

Have you been wondering what Feng Shui is and is used for? Feng Shui is defined as a complex pseudoscience developed in China dating back to 4000 B.C. Historically, it was used in many hallowed structures as a guide to orienting the contents of a building in such a way as to collect and circulate energy or chi. In recent years it has grown in popularity and has been incorporated in how people arrange their homes. It can be very complex but here are a few of the guidelines:


• Always keep bathroom doors closed and toilet seats down. This relates to the ancient belief that water and wealth coincide, you do not want the water escaping your home
• Use Crystals to generate energy in spots that may be lacking
• Have a nice fountain or aquarium to generate good energy
• Utilise symbols such as Buddha, lucky bamboo, Fu dog, or dragon statures as talismans for good energy


• Place your chair facing away from the door in a home office as it does not put you in a commanding position
• Place a baby bed near the door or electrical devices as electronics are thought to put an electromagnetic energy around the child
• Neglect to use mirrors to activate, circulate, expand and deflect energy
• Forget to apply Feng Shui to less used rooms, as all parts of the home need to incorporate the practice to generate good energy

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