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Is it Time to Replace your Conservatory Roof?

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 9:16 pm

Conservatories add a lot to a home – extra space, more value, a place to sit and relax away from the rest of the home. However, they aren’t necessarily the most efficient way of expanding your home if the conservatory is beginning to age and it’s not as well equipped as it used to be. One of the first things you might need to replace is the roof, as the existing roofing can easily get worn down by years of rain, wind, snow and other weather. Many homeowners in and around Cambridge already have conservatories, as the area has grown and become popular with families who want to expand and improve their space. This means there is a lot of call for companies that can install a conservatory replacement roof in Cambridge, as people will specifically look for these services when their conservatories begin to get older.

How do you know it is time to replace your conservatory roof?

Cambridge isn’t known for its especially harsh weather conditions – it’s not a coastal area where roofing might become eroded and damaged by sea air, and it’s not in a particularly cold part of the country that gets a lot of snow. Erosion will happen over time, until gradually, you will start to notice that your roof isn’t in peak condition any more. You might start to experience particular problems that are more serious, like a leaking roof, or a lack of insulation. It might be that your roof is simply becoming old and tired in appearance, getting covered in moss – or just simply looking old fashioned.

There are many reasons why you might decide to upgrade your conservatory roof instead of waiting for it to get old and damaged. A new roof can improve your home and make your conservatory better, which for some people is a very good reason to upgrade a roof and they will feel it’s perfectly good value for money.

You can also choose to have different kinds of roofs to the one you have currently, which, if it is older, will most likely be a glass or polycarbonate roof. These are not at all energy efficient, so the conservatory will feel the heat. Conversely in winter, it will usually be too cold to use the conservatory, unless you use a great deal of heating. It is now becoming more popular to have tiled conservatory roofs, which are energy efficient and won’t cause the conservatory to heat up too much. At the same time, in winter, it will be a more ambient temperature as the heat won’t all escape out of the roof. By getting this extra usage out of your conservatory, you can easily justify the price of having a new roof installed. If you feel that a tiled roof will be eliminating too much light, or you have some good views of Cambridge that you want to continue enjoying, you can also choose solar glass. This will filter out UV rays and reflect away heat, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable, consistent temperature inside. 

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