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Rooflights – a Year-Round Home Improvement Product

Posted on December 22, 2019 at 10:18 am

Rooflights might be closely associated in your mind with sunlight streaming in through the summer months. You can just imagine the lovely natural light they will add to the space, making it feel much brighter and more welcoming. However, it’s not just a product that has uses in summer. The winter can be a time of year when you miss natural light more than usual, and rooflights can really help improve this.

Installing a rooflight is a good option for year-round sun that will add colour and brightness to your living space. Modern rooflights made by a leading brand and sold by a reputable supplier will be highly thermally efficient so there’s no need to worry about cold spots or condensation. Just make sure you choose an option with adequate glazing, like double or even triple, or a quality double or triple skin if you are buying a polycarbonate rooflight.

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