Tips for Planning a Monochrome Interior

Posted on April 26, 2021 at 12:10 pm

One of the most trending interior design styles, in the UK, is going Monochrome. A monochrome interior offers a sleek, minimalistic yet elegant look, that is sure to ‘wow’ your guests. If you are considering on going monochrome, remember these tips:

• Think simplicity and opulence- with monochrome looks, keep things simple but beautiful. Keep it clutter-free.

• Symmetry is key- monochrome looks are best when there is balance, keep things symmetrical.

• Traditional yet trendy- modern designs typically offer less of the straight lines and sharpness that help a monochrome design pop.

• Prefer patterns- incorporate patterns to add definition and character.

• Don’t forget foliage- minimalism is key but you still can add an alluring burst of colour through strategically placed planters.

Creating the perfect monochromatic look means that you are not afraid to be bold yet can keep things simple. You will need to be creative and use patterns and lines wisely to keep from having a bland sea of white, black or grey.

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