Some Different Types of Hardwood that you can Burn

Posted on March 31, 2019 at 10:42 am

There are various types of hardwood logs that are good for burning in wood burning stoves. Using a quality hardwood will help you create a better, longer burning fire that will be more beneficial in the home, generating more heat and generally looking the way that a fire should. In fact, good quality hardwood can generate around 50% more heat than softwood logs, making it a more environmentally friendly, more economical type of wood to burn in your stove. For many people, these are the two main concerns when it comes to firewood: that it isn’t too expensive, and it is having a positive impact on the environment. It’s also less work for you – you’ll spend less time tending to your stove and making sure it is well stocked.

Why is hardwood a good choice?

Hardwood is an excellent choice for your home and your log burner. You can enjoy a better quality of burn, as hardwoods come from trees that are slower growing and denser. Seasoned hardwood is the best choice for a good quality fire, as there will be lower moisture content. Fully seasoned logs are those that have a moisture content that is lower than 20% in total. It will feel lighter than unseasoned wood, due to the lower levels of moisture. It will usually look drier as well – peeling and cracking bark, and cracks in the wood itself, are tell-tale signs.

What are the different kinds of hardwood that you can choose?

There are many types of hardwood that will create an excellent burn. Some are easier to get hold of than others. These are some of the most popular types of hardwood that you can burn in your log burner, and that are easy to source in the UK:

  • Ash. This is often thought to be the best quality hardwood for burning. It won’t produce a lot of smoke, but will produce excellent flames, making it a good choice for your home. It will give off lots of heat and is also quite quick to season, so you can obtain seasoned ash wood logs quicker. It’s environmentally friendly and can easily be sourced all over the UK.
  • Birch. Quicker burning than ash, birch won’t last for quite as long, but it will provide a very good heat. The flames will be big enough, and of a good quality, and many people enjoy the smell of birch wood burning.
  • Beech. Beech logs will burn well, but the downside is that it can take a long time to season – beechwood has a high moisture content. This might be one for people who have log stores and can wait for wood to dry out at home.
  • Oak. This is a popular hardwood that is widely available for log burners. It is largely thought of as one of the best types of wood you can buy for a log burner, as it will keep burning for a long time, even when only the embers are left.
  • Elm. This wood burns well, though it takes slowly, so might need to be used along with another type of wood to get the fire started.

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